Hi! We’re Karishma and Tekla, co-founders of KEY. We bonded over drinks. Not drinking, but over drinks, as in beverages.

We had both worked in beverages, for rival companies ;) We had quit sugar, so our corporate gigs selling sugar water had gone too.

We were working together at a startup – long hours and lots of caffeine; and got to wondering why neither drank energy drinks - except maybe to party.

Well, without sugar, energy drinks don’t have real genuine energy. Just jacked up caffeine plus often tons of weird artificial ingredients. No, thank you. 

(Now don’t get us wrong; we love caffeine - the morning coffee for Tekla and matcha for Karishma is a ritual. But we don’t love the massive dose of caffeine in energy drinks that gives you a headache or jitters or worse.)

ENTER KETONES. Tekla is keto and loves the feels. She wanted to swap ketones for sugar to fuel. But ketones taste like the opposite of sugar - almost undrinkable. Karishma, never one to back down, found the best mixologists, and mixed, and mixed, yup for two years, to create the best tasting ketone energy drink. 

Some say Tekla brought the ketones and Karishma brought the energy! Together we unlocked KEY, a long lasting Ketone Energy Drink that is pure and delicious, thanks to the power of nature. 

We believe humans are full of potential and KEY will unlock the energy within. 

P.S. we love elevensies with KEY - 11am and 11pm - for a morning lift to power through and to play until dawn ;)

A new energy drink, thanks to the power of nature