Ever wondered why we are all so freaking exhausted when energy has already been bottled? It’s because typically energy drinks use sugar or caffeine for fuel that gives you shocks and jitters. KEY uses ketones that gives you long-lasting energy for up to 5 hours. With three a day, you will be powered up from dawn to dusk (or dawn the next day?)

Not before bed if you want to sleep. Other than that, anytime. Everywhere.

Replace your coffee for an early morning boost or have one mid-morning for a creative productivity flow. For an afternoon pick-me-up or to put more into your workout.

Take it to the pre-game and to the game. When you need a wing can for a late night or want to dance until dawn.

Recommend no more than 3 per day.

Like entering a wonderland KEY hole that leaves you euphoric and energized.

Oh honey, we don’t do sugar. Cz we’re sugar free so you avoid the crash, and low caffeine so you avoid the jitters! We also have a caffeine-free version in the works!

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Also right here on the site and on Amazon!

A new kind of energy drink. That gives you energy from ketones instead of sugar. Energy = calorie = macronutrient. Ketones are the fourth macronutrient like carbs, fats or protein.

Think of ketones as the fourth macronutrient providing you energy just like other macronutrients i.e. fats, carbs and proteins.

Ketones have been hiding within you all this time fueling you behind the scenes. Your body makes ketones from fat either when you don’t eat for a while or if you follow a keto lifestyle. Or you can drink ketones for a rapid energy boost!

Say hello to your new fave nutrient waiting to be tapped into!

Yes, it can help kick start the process and it does provide ketones. Sustaining ketosis over time requires changes in what you eat.

Easy. You can actually drink us.

  • Vs. esters, we taste delicious and are affordable – and at 11.5g of the purest pre-ketones, we actually work. 
  • Vs. MCT oils we actually work and don’t cause gastro issues. ;)
  • Vs. salts we actually work.

We recommend 1 to 3 per day for max impact.

Nope, KEY does not taste of green tea. We extract the caffeine and L-Theanine from natural green tea.

No sugar, no jitters, no artificials, no – nothing that is not needed!

Look at you! All KEY'd in!